Mental Toughness

What is mental toughness?  Mental toughness is clarity. It’s awareness. It’s knowing that you’ve prepared yourself and your team to manage any situation.

Corporate Coach Eric Hoffberg wants you to lead in a High Quality Way.  In a fresh approach to leadership and self leadership, take the drama out of the situation first.  Organize, assess and respond in a High Quality Way.   #MakingMotionWork



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Cold calls vs Warm leads … Marketing 101

Forbes recently published, “How Inbound Marketing Killed Cold Calling.” Is cold calling really gone, or merely an additional approach to today’s marketing efforts?  Well, the answer may lie in the eyes of the beholder… or the phone holder.

The availability of monitoring a Lead’s web based activity now allows sales teams an inside look as to who’s looking at them? Functionally, this should streamline the sales process filling the top of the funnel with, well, warmer leads.  We are becoming more efficient, supplier and consumer alike.

Is cold calling dead?  Probably not completely, but the days of a desk, a phone and the Yellow Pages are behind us.

Click here to read Forbes’ great article.

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Engineering tools to make your work just a little easier.


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Where can I go to help determine the proper size for my Modular Actuator application?  How much torque can my Ball Screw Assembly manage?  In theory, how long can I expect my Ball Nut to last?

Nook Industries provides a myriad of calculator options as a means of supporting the everyday needs of its customers.  Critical speed, column strength, unit conversion and more,  click here to view engineering support tools.


Can’t find what you need?  Call one of Nook Industries’ Application or Sales Engineers, who will discuss your requirements and offer the most suitable system to fulfill your requirements.

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Complete Worm Screw Jack Systems

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Work screw jacks can be utilized individually and in compete system arrangements.  With multiple options available, Nook Industries and Design World created this video describing jack systems and areas of concern during the design phase.

@NookInd is #MakingMotionWork !

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