Linear Motion and Packaging

Increase in customer demand within the packaging industry continues to power the need for the most reliable linear motion products to be integrated into packaging applications. Tailored to solve the toughest packaging challenges, Nook’s products are found in a variety of different packaging applications from filling and measuring to wrapping and labeling. We offer the packaging industry a variety of systems’ solutions, which incorporate our core products, such as Modular Linear, Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks and Linear Slide Systems.

Packaging applications integrating Nook technology include:

  • Labeling machines
  • Palletizing and loading
  • Wrapping applications
  • Filling and measuring machines
  • Vacuum packaging equipment
  • Case packers
  • Multi-packing in-feed

On display at the upcoming Pack Expo trade show, will be Nook’s pick and place, tri-bot,  and other solutions to your packaging applications.  Click here for your admission to Pack Expo, and visit Nook Industries at Booth E-7305 for your linear motion solutions.

With the use of our customized linear motion products, our packaging customers are able to increase and reach maximum productivity and product throughput.  Contact Nook Industries, to see how we Make Motion Work for you!



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3 Key Reasons To Use Ball Screws in Linear Motion

  1. High Efficiency – Ball screws typically operate at a minimum of 90 percent efficiency, which makes them an optimal choice in converting rotary motion into precision linear motion.
  2. Load Capabilities – A part of what makes ball screws versatile in so many industries is their ability to carry remarkably heavy loads at fast, efficient speeds.
  3. Cost-Efficient – In the long run, ball screw systems can prove to be a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic systems, which require constant electrical and air power.

Ball screws provide unique benefits when compared to other standards, such as roller screws or acme screws. Want more info for your ball screw application?  Click here.


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Protect Your Actuator – Try a Boot

Dirty environments can be detrimental to the function of your application.   Bellow boots are great product for protecting your actuators from potential contamination.  Additionally, boots support the longevity of your jack, by helping to retain lubrication within the actuator. With different end configurations available, as seen below, boots can modified to your needs.

bellows boots

Nook Industries can support your bellow boots needs.   Click here for more information.

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Going Modular in Linear Motion

5 Reasons to use Modular Actuators for your Linear Motion application:

  1. Single Axis Solution or Multiple Axis Gantry System
  2. Belt, ball screw, acme screw or rack and pinion driven.
  3. Roller bearing, profile rail or v-groove guided.
  4. Utilized ina multitude of industries, for assembly, pick and place, positioning, inspection, and more.
  5. Over 35 models, each with several sizes available.

Visit Nook Industries to order your modular linear actuators today!

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