Protect Your Actuator – Try a Boot

Dirty environments can be detrimental to the function of your application.   Bellow boots are great product for protecting your actuators from potential contamination.  Additionally, boots support the longevity of your jack, by helping to retain lubrication within the actuator. With different end configurations available, as seen below, boots can modified to your needs.

bellows boots

Nook Industries can support your bellow boots needs.   Click here for more information.

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Going Modular in Linear Motion

5 Reasons to use Modular Actuators for your Linear Motion application:

  1. Single Axis Solution or Multiple Axis Gantry System
  2. Belt, ball screw, acme screw or rack and pinion driven.
  3. Roller bearing, profile rail or v-groove guided.
  4. Utilized ina multitude of industries, for assembly, pick and place, positioning, inspection, and more.
  5. Over 35 models, each with several sizes available.

Visit Nook Industries to order your modular linear actuators today!

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Ball Screw Jack vs. Acme Screw Jack

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Tips for how to select the right one for your application
Worm Gear Screws Jacks can provide long duty life, high load capacity and flexible design. They come in two major categories, Ball Screw and Machine Screw. In this post, we hope to help you identify the best type for your application.

Ball Screw Jacks use a ball screw and nut made from hardened alloy steel with bearing balls carrying the load between nut & screw. This rolling action reduces the friction between nut and screw, permitting smooth and efficient load movement that requires approximately 1/3 less torque than a machine screw jack with the same load.

inch ball

Machine Screw Jacks incorporate an alloy or sometimes stainless steel worm which drives a high strength bronze worm gear, or drive sleeve. The worm shaft is supported on anti-friction tapered roller bearings with external seals that prevent lubrication loss. The drive sleeve can also be supported on tapered roller bearings, or ball thrust bearings. Rotation of the drive sleeve causes the acme thread lifting screw to translate or rotate, depending on the jack configuration.

inch inverted machine

Because of their efficiency and lower power requirements, Ball Screw Jacks are often preferred. However, several factors can make Machine Screw Jacks preferable. For quick reference …

Machine Screw Jacks are best used for:
• Resistance to backdriving
• Environments with vibration
• Manual operation
• High static loads
• Corrosion resistance (with stainless steel versions)

Ball Screw Jacks are preferred for:
• Long travel lengths
• Long, predictable life
• High duty cycles
• Oscillating motion

Both types can be metric or inch, come in several types (Upright, Inverted, Upright Rotating and Inverted Rotating) and multiple jacks can be laid out in H, U, T and In-Line arrangement.

You can also employ multiple jacks in tandem, depending on the physical design and size of the equipment, its stiffness and the guide system. This will, however, introduce challenges with drive, alignment and synchronization.

Any jack system is limited by multiple constraints: load capacity, duty cycle, horsepower, column strength, critical speed, type of guidance, brake motor size and ball screw life. To properly size your jack for these constraints, application information must be collected.

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Mental Toughness

What is mental toughness?  Mental toughness is clarity. It’s awareness. It’s knowing that you’ve prepared yourself and your team to manage any situation.

Corporate Coach Eric Hoffberg wants you to lead in a High Quality Way.  In a fresh approach to leadership and self leadership, take the drama out of the situation first.  Organize, assess and respond in a High Quality Way.   #MakingMotionWork



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