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Linear Motion and Packaging

Increase in customer demand within the packaging industry continues to power the need for the most reliable linear motion products to be integrated into packaging applications. Tailored to solve the toughest packaging challenges, Nook’s products are found in a variety of different packaging applications from filling and measuring to wrapping and labeling. We offer the packaging industry a variety of systems’ solutions, which incorporate our core products, such as Modular Linear, Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks and Linear Slide Systems.

Packaging applications integrating Nook technology include:

  • Labeling machines
  • Palletizing and loading
  • Wrapping applications
  • Filling and measuring machines
  • Vacuum packaging equipment
  • Case packers
  • Multi-packing in-feed

On display at the upcoming Pack Expo trade show, will be Nook’s pick and place, tri-bot,  and other solutions to your packaging applications.  Click here for your admission to Pack Expo, and visit Nook Industries at Booth E-7305 for your linear motion solutions.

With the use of our customized linear motion products, our packaging customers are able to increase and reach maximum productivity and product throughput.  Contact Nook Industries, to see how we Make Motion Work for you!



CC Actuators 101

CC Actuators are a combination of an electric motor and an acme screw or a high efficiency ball screw. They are designed to be ready to install directly into any industrial or commercial application. They are ideally suited for any OEM application where linear motion is needed. These high-quality actuators feature:

  • Durable construction
  • Dependable performance
  • Long-life operation
  • High repeatability
  • Operation in either compression or tension loading applications
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Corrosion resistant exterior surfaces

The most common applications are;

  • Telecommunications
  • Architectural Automation
  • Medical and Hospital Equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Food Processing
  • Farm Equipment
  • Satellite Dish and Antenna Positioning

These rugged solutions come in standard travels of 4”, 12”, 18”, 24” or 36” with duty cycles typically around 30% max “on-time” of 5 minutes at rated load. Further versatility is provided by temperature ratings ranging from -30 to +160 F. Here’s a brief list of typical components, and what to look for when specifying;

Clutch – Should be heavy duty, in order to properly protect gears and components in the event of overload or overtravel.

Load Sensitive Brake – Should safely maintain the actuator’s position when at rest, without consuming power.

Boot – An optional accessory, but important in applications where you will want to protect the actuator tube from contaminants.

Limit Switch – Screw type limit switches offer precise positioning for travel up to 36”. Their design should allow for easily setting limits at both ends of travel. Optionally, Precision Limit Switches are typically available for shorter travel (under 24”) and will provide higher resolution adjustment.

Ball Screw – Look for precision ball screws made of high grade materials for greater efficiency & longer life

Sensors – There are a wide variety of sensor options for stroke control. Application needs should be the primary consideration when selecting, so look for a provider who offers a range.

Keyed – CC Linear Actuators may be ordered with a feature that allows the actuator tube to extend (retract) without being connected to the load. This key also reduces torque in clevises.

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