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Key Considerations for Choosing Worm Gear Screw Jacks

MachineScrewJackWorm gear screw jacks can be found in a great number of industries, including military, automotive, manufacturing and many more. When choosing the right kind of worm gear screw jack for your product, here are just a few crucial industry considerations and specifications to keep in mind.

→ Worm gear screw jacks built up to leading industry standards are rated for up to 3,000 rpm input speed, provided horsepower and temperature ratings are not exceeding.

→ Top worm gear jack models are ruggedly designed and produced in standard styles with load-handling capabilities from 1/4- to 100-ton and can be used individually or in multiple arrangements.

→ For duty cycles, the cycle is limited by the ability of the worm gear screw jack to dissipate heat. An increase in temperature can affect the properties of some components resulting in accelerated wear damage and possible unexpected failure. The approximate allowable duty cycles are 35 percent for ball screw jacks and 25 percent for machine screw jacks. The rolling action of these screw jacks reduces friction for smooth and efficient load movement, providing higher speed operation and increased duty cycle.

→ Leading worm gear screw jacks are made to be suitable for temperatures no lower than 20 degree below Fahrenheit and no higher than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Continuous or heavy duty operation is possible by operating the jack capacity, external cooling of the unit or through the use of a recirculating lubrication system.

→ Leading machine screw jacks incorporate an Acme screw with a 2C thread form. With a 20:1 or greater gear ratio, the jacks are considered self-locking. A drive sleeve including the Acme thread form makes an anti-backlash option possible.

H Arrangement of Worm Gear Screw Jacks

One of the most common arrangements used for worm gear screw jacks is the “H” arrangement. The name comes from the arrangement’s shape, which is made up of four jacks, three gearboxes and a 3 HP AC Motor capable of a dual-speed 1750/800.

H ArrangmentAn example of this arrangement could be a manufacturer of steel frames for the commercial dairy industry is building a material lift which contains a stack of prefabricated frames. The material lift will index up as each frame is removed by an automated grip from the top of the stack. The jack will index up 1 inch in 2 seconds every 30 seconds. After the last frame is removed, the jacks will fully retract to the collapsed position in 6 seconds waiting for the next load of frames. Complete cycle time is 10 minutes running 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. The design calls for a four-jack arrangement lifting from underneath the lifting stage, driven by a single motor.

The frequency of these cycles and suggested design life makes the use of a ball screw jack the best option for this application. Using upright translating jacks allows the jacks to be located under the material lift without creating obstruction.

When fully loaded, the frames hold a total weight of 16,800 pounds, but when the load is fully extended, the weight is less than 5,000 pounds. The compression load travels 6 inches. The desired design life for the arrangement is one year, as the application is expected to go through 3,120 cycles a year.