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Engineering tools to make your work just a little easier.


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Where can I go to help determine the proper size for my Modular Actuator application?  How much torque can my Ball Screw Assembly manage?  In theory, how long can I expect my Ball Nut to last?

Nook Industries provides a myriad of calculator options as a means of supporting the everyday needs of its customers.  Critical speed, column strength, unit conversion and more,  click here to view engineering support tools.


Can’t find what you need?  Call one of Nook Industries’ Application or Sales Engineers, who will discuss your requirements and offer the most suitable system to fulfill your requirements.

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Complete Worm Screw Jack Systems

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Work screw jacks can be utilized individually and in compete system arrangements.  With multiple options available, Nook Industries and Design World created this video describing jack systems and areas of concern during the design phase.

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The Versatile Slide System

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Driven and Non-Driven, Single and Double Carriage.  Nook Industries makes slide systems work for you!

Slide assemblies can be found in a wide variety of industries.  Here are some of the industries that use these functional systems:

•Product Packaging
•Electronics Manufacturing
•Food Processing
•Machine Tool Equipment
•Material Handling
•Converting Processes
•Container Manufacturing
•Medical Equipment
•Textile Industry
•Automated Test Equipment

Learn more about slide systems and design considerations.




All Your Equations In One Place


When a linear motion solution is in place & running, it’s easy for the casual observer to think it looks easy. That’s what our industry is all about; making the difficult or even impossible look easy.

But what few people outside the industry realize is just how much work needs to go into the design of a successful linear motion system. The old adage “Measure twice, cut once” doesn’t even begin to cover all the variables, that have to be dealt with.

Now, a new app looks to make that successful design at least a little easier. The Design Guide Pro not only offers selectors for Bevel Gears, Worm Gear Jacks, Bearings and Electric Cylinders, but it also has a calculator section. Here, you’ll find tools to help you establish Energy, Critical Speed, Column Load, Torque and Nut Life as well as helping with Unit Conversions.

All in the palm of your hand. Check it out today by clicking here.